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This is a short post with some very useful travel websites, several of which apply to Italian travel and a couple of websites for seekers of vacation rentals worldwide.

Useful Italian travel websites: – One of my favorites,  it has lots of information and advice about Italian travel and especially useful for obtaining a travel planning service. This site is especially useful for the sophisticated Italian traveler. -Edgy writing about Italian travel and lots of information about several different destinations, – Loads of information and pointers to different travel guides and literature about Italy. – Lots of information on one of the least known, most interesting and varied regions of Italy. It is virtually undiscovered by most Americans.

The following are a couple of lodging websites. After using and booking lodging from these sites, you may severely limit your hotel stays. Staying in an apartment, condo or house has lots of advantages over hotels and in may instances, it is more economical. – This site has thousands of vacation apartments, condos and houses worldwide. I’ve used many times and never had an adverse experience. – Another good vacation rental website.

For bikers interested in cycling tours around the world. Even if you don’t go, surfing for great tours is still fun.




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